Murakami and Ozawa transcribed conversation

Korea Times reported on the release of Talk about Music with Mr. Seiji Ozawa.  These are transcriptions of conversations that Ozawa has had with prominent personalities in Japan, including Haruki Murakami.   To view the reporter's article, you must scroll down maybe two screens of hyperlinks.

The Korea Times article narrowed its report to Murakami's contribution.
The Elephant Vanishes

"Agony Uncle"

Haruki Murakami now has an advice column on his website. Apparently the term being used is "agony uncle" which, according to one of the below links "It means an advice columnist, or more specifically an avuncular type of writer to whom readers can pour out their agonies."

I missed an earlier post on this from The Guardian Another website with some of the questions and answers translated into English is located here.

Apparently the original Japanese site is located here:

Any thoughts on this?

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